Is Vine the next Pinterest?

29 Jan

Last week saw the launch of Vine, the video sharing app from Twitter, which allows users to record and share 6 second looping videos. There’s a handy round up of Vine from Vasileios Kospanos on UK Fundraising.

There are already some great examples of charities using Vine, including Diabetes UK and Dog’s Trust. Check them on Kirsty Marrins’ Storify on Vine.

I also came across a great blog by Roberto Kusabbi on Vine, in which he urges everyone to get to know it as users first before diving in headfirst. He raises some interesting points about Vine’s potential (videos are embedded in tweets and autoplay) as well as its pitfalls (e.g. lack of data).

I really like Roberto’s ‘slow and steady’ approach, although I can see why everyone is getting excited about Vine. Vasileios tweeted me this morning about possible uses for it, including ‘silent auctions,job postings,thanking supporters,competitions’ amongst others. It could be a great way to engage supporters and thank donors. Diabetes UK have already done this– I like the spontaneous and immediate feel of their Vine.

I’m hoping that Vine will be a grower and not a flash in the pan like Pinterest. Some food for thought : I read a blog by Dorie Clark this week in which she says that organisations should focus on social media platforms that are the best fit for their audience, rather than trying to be everywhere all at once.

Vine is an interesting platform and perhaps it will be the next big thing in social. But let’s take it one step at a time. Isn’t a slow burn romance always better than a whirlwind affair?

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